Charlevoix abounds in all sorts of natural delights!

Charlevoix Maritime Museum
Discover the maritime history of Charlevoix through the glory days when schooners were plying their trade on the St. Lawrence River. Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (20 minutes)

L’Économusée du fromage
Everything you wanted to know about cheesemaking
On the way to Baie-St-Paul (30 minutes)
La Fromagerie St-Fidèle
Cheesemaking operation well-known throughout Quebec
St-Fidèle (20 minutes)

The Cauchon Blacksmith’s Shop
Built in 1882, this building recalls the major socio-economic role held by blacksmiths and carpenters in our countryside. La Malbaie (5 minutes)

Le Domaine Forget
A privileged site where artists meet and play.
Saint-Irénée - Shuttle service available (10 minutes)

La Poterie de Port-au-Persil
The oldest ceramic-making operation in Quebec. The gallery and shop offer the works of more than 50 Quebec ceramic artists. Port-au-Persil (25 minutes)

Port-au-Persil Wharf
For the most magic view of the St. Lawrence, the village and the waterfalls (25 minutes)

Charlevoix Palissades
Trekking and mountain-climbing
Saint-Siméon (35 minutes)

Grands-Jardins National Park
One of the jewels of the region. Unesco has given the Grands-Jardins National Park the recognition of being a central area of our biosphere preserve. Fauna and flora particular to this latitude make this park a unique site.
Saint-Urbain (45 minutes)

National Park
225 km2 of forests and mountains, lakes and rivers where activities are varied and spectacular.
Access by Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs (45 minutes)

The beach at Saint-Irénée
A long sandy beach on the ever-widening river.
Saint-Irénée (15 minutes)

Le Domaine Charlevoix
A park and a quiet arbor. Classical music surrounds you as you walk down to a terrace located at an altitude of 390 meters. Marvelous panorama overlooking l'Isle-aux-Coudres et Les Éboulements.
Baie-Saint-Paul (20 minutes)

Cap-à-l'Aigle Marina
Devoted to agriculture and cattle farms, this village was once part of the Mount-Murray Estate.
Cap-à-l’Aigle (10 minutes)

Le Centre écologique de Port-au-Saumon
The Centre écologique de Port-au-Saumon is part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Discover the fascinating world of the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park ecosystem. Aquariums are available for curious people to manipulate starfish, sea urchins and sea anemones with the help of experienced guides.
Port-au-Saumon (25 minutes)

Montagne de la Croix
Belvedere located between the sea shore and the Charlevoix back-country. 360* panoramic views.
Clermont (10 minutes)

Les Jardins du Cap-à-l'Aigle
Thousands of plant species: trees, bushes, large flower beds of perennials and annuals, indigenous plants and newly introduced species.
Cap-à-l’Aigle (10 minutes)

Ranch La Licorne
Horse riding in the Charlevoix forest. Guides certified by the Quebec Equestrian Federation.
Saint-Siméon (20 minutes)

Entre Monts et Marées
Horse riding in the mountains or on the beach.
Saint-Irénée (15 minutes)

Centre équestre Nature
Day or week-long camps. Good preparation before each departure with an experienced guide member of the Quebec Equestrian Federation.
Sainte-Agnès (25 minutes)

Ranch du Fjord
Horseback riding across fields, forests and along the banks of a river leading to a waterfall or a cave.
Baie-Saint-Catherine (45 minutes)

Murray Bay Golf Club
Open in 1876, it is the oldest golf club in Canada.
9-holes or 18-holes on an enchanting site.
La Malbaie (5 minutes)

Fairmont Manoir Richelieu Golf Club
27-holes golf course of international caliber overlooking the St. Lawrence.
La Malbaie (5 minutes)

Kayak excursions with guides. Half-day or whole day. Observation of marine mammals and sea birds.
Cap-à-l'Aigle (10 minutes), Saint-Irénée (15 minutes),
Baie des rochers (15 minutes)

Azimut Aventure
Kayak excursions with guides on the ocean to observe whales, seals and beluga whales. Rentals on site.
Baie Sainte-Catherine (45 minutes)

Galerie d'art Iris
181, rue Richelieu, La Malbaie
Art gallery at the Manoir Richelieu
The Charlevoix Casino
183, rue Richelieu, La Malbaie

Whale-Watching Cruises
Cruise the high seas in the company of an experienced naturalist. Obsserve the most beautiful marine mammals on the St. Lawrence River: blue whales, rorqual,
fin whales and of course, beluga whales.
Famille Dufour : 1 (418) 692-0222
Croisières AML : 1 (800) 563-4643

This island is a very popular destination in Quebec: lovely historical windmills, and long paths for bicycling.
St-Joseph-de-la-Rive (20 minutes)

Musée Les Voitures d'eau
Created in 1973, this charming museum recreates life on the St. Lawrence river. Several schooners and nautical equipment on view. Îles-aux-Coudres, by St-Joseph-de-la-Rive (20 minutes)

Verger Pedneault
A vast cider-making operation and well-stocked shop.
Îles-aux-Coudres, by St-Joseph-de-la-Rive (20 minutes)